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OpenText Content Server (Formerly LiveLink) has been around for a while.

A common use of DIFS is migrating content (normally documents and emails) from Content Server into SharePoint / Office 365.

Content Server stores all the meta data in a SQL Server database and all the content files on a file share(s).

Content Server has quite a complicated database schema, the document file path, categories etc, and meta data are all stored in different tables.

The secret is to create a set of SQL Queries that creates a single table that contains;
  • A row per document that you wish to migration (Or a row per version if you want to re-create the version history in SharePoint).
  • A column containing the full path of the source file
  • Columns for each relevant meta data field.
  • Columns for the destination path and file name in SharePoint

To do this nicely in SQL you can make use of;
  • SQL Queries
  • SQL Cursors (To step through each object in LiveLink)
  • SQL Functions (To perform repeating operations like getting a clean filename or getting the containing folder for an object)

The example below will point you in the correct direction.!AkOe8mAm9c7Ta8ORWwfB7Ij5Kq8

Working with LiveLink you will soon get used to the idea of subtypes. Try the link below for more information

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