Not importing metadata into external data columns

Aug 24 at 2:59 PM
I have an external data column for a "client reference" in my document library that links to an external sql database. I'm importing the client reference into that column using DIFS but the column for every document imported just results in blank data. I'm doing it as a string as I didn't think a lookup type would work with external data:
<ImportMapping xsi:type="ImportMapping_String">
   <DestinationField>Client Reference</DestinationField>
How do I get DIFS to populate the external data column?
Aug 25 at 10:26 AM
Import native might work with the client ID

If, however, it doesn't then you

Just need to set the value of the lookup column to the BDC identity

$item[“Student_ID”] = $eitem[“BDC Identity”];

More details here.

DIFS also includes an import mapping of Lookup which might automate the above which you could try.