Cant export documents err 409 conflict

Jul 21, 2016 at 11:38 AM

For files

Hi all

Here is my XML for files

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DataSetImportSettings xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
      <ConnectionString>Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=D:\xxx\StaffDocuments.xlsx;Extended Properties="Excel 12.0 Xml;HDR=YES;IMEX=0";</ConnectionString>
    <OleDbTableSourceDataSetSettings />
      <SelectStatement>select * from [files$]</SelectStatement>
      <domain />
        <ImportMapping xsi:type="ImportMapping_String">
        <ImportMapping xsi:type="ImportMapping_String">
          <SourceColumn>Employee Number</SourceColumn>
and here is the output

About to connect to source :
Source connected :
Source filled : 11 rows loaded
About to connect to destination :
Destination connected :
Exception importing : D:\xxx\Shared Folders\Staff\A\Adams, David - 1002\Contract.txt : Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (409) Conflit.
Exception importing : D:\xxx\Shared Folders\Staff\A\Adams, David - 1002\Promotion.txt : Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (409) Conflit.
Exception importing : D:\xxx\Shared Folders\Staff\A\Andrews, Robert - 1001\Contract.txt : Le serveur distant a retourné une erreur : (409) Conflit.

Help again plz
Jul 21, 2016 at 2:26 PM

Thanks for the question.

You seem to be importing out of the example spreadsheets - that which demonstrates how to upload documents.

The error message that SharePoint is returning suggests that when the file is uploaded the destination is incorrect.

I will assume that the document library "Importations" does exist.

That would mean that the software will try to import the documents into the subfolder(s) as specified in the columns DestinationSubDirectories

These subfolders must exist. So in the first example on staff documents spreadsheet it assumes that there is a subfolder "Staff" and inside that a folder "1002".

If those folders exist the import should succeed in uploading the file.

It would be useful if you can confirm if the file is or is not being uploaded - it is always worth checking library settings "Manage files which have no checked in version" incase the file is being uploaded but not checked in.
Jul 21, 2016 at 3:35 PM
Edited Jul 21, 2016 at 3:36 PM
Thank you for your quick reply

you're right I havent the folders hierarchy, i thought that subfolders will be created automatically

is there a way to specify a local windows folder as source and upload all its content ?
Jul 21, 2016 at 5:10 PM

If you want to do a good job, set content types etc then prepare your sources carefully - this article shows a way to do that;

If you want to just do drag and drop.

The old version of DIFS used to have a mode that just dumped a folder from A to B

The release is still available but Office 365 has moved on since then so it may not work with SharePoint Online.