Data Importer For SharePoint

(Free / File / Document / List Item / Folder / CSV / OleDB / Database / Access / Bulk Import For SharePoint / Office 365 / SharePoint Online / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / Server / Foundation )

Quickly import large volumes of documents, folders, items into SharePoint document libraries and lists.

Refer to the screenshots in the downloads tab for examples of how to configure the XML configuration files and what the UI looks like.

If you have any problems using the software or require an enhancement to it please use the discussions tab and we will respond as soon as possible.

DIFS gives you a simple user interface;


Imports can be configured using XML settings files.  When you install the software you will find some examples in the "Examples" subdirectory.  You can change these to suit your needs.

 Using a folder item destination you may create a folder structure and those folders can be assigned meta data;

Using a document destination you can bulk import documents, setting content type and meta data at the same time;

Key Features



SharePoint Versions


Office 365 / SharePoint Online


SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Foundation 2013

SharePoint Server 2016



Support authentication under the current user’s or specified credentials.

Supports forms based authentication.

Supports Office 365 / SharePoint Online authentication


Meta data

Allows meta data to be mapped in from any OLEDB source.


Import Control

Start, Pause, Resume Cancel


Exception handling

Exceptions can be written back to OleDB data source.


Save settings

Import settings can be saved and retained for future use.


Uses Client Object Model

You may run the software on the SharePoint server or a client PC.

Related lists

Handles lookup fields


Managed Meta Data

Handles setting managed meta data fields from text value. 




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